Jiangxi rongcheng machinery manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 2000, with total assets of 860 million yuan and construction area of 160,000 square meters, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of core safety parts and performance parts of automobile chassis system.

       Company under the pull rod, arm, connecting rod, metal profiles, automotive rubber, steering six factories. At present, it has formed an industrial chain for the production of automobile chassis parts. It is the only one in the industry that has a complete research and development team and the most complete experimental testing center in the industry.

       Under the care and support of party committees and governments, rongcheng jiangxi has been transformed from a "small ball head" into a "big market", honest and law-abiding, and a star among the hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises in China's equipment manufacturing industry.

       The company attaches great importance to self-cultivation of management team. Most of them start from the grass-roots level and take turns to train on multiple posts, so that they have a deep understanding of technology, market, sales and management, and gradually grow into middle and senior managers of the company. The company advocates "rongcheng technology, quality rongcheng, safety rongcheng, efficiency rongcheng, satisfaction rongcheng". Each year, 10% of the sales revenue will be used for product research and development and technical innovation. In particular, we will further integrate production, education and research with tsinghua university and hunan university to build an automobile chassis research and development base. It has 32 national patents. Products directly supporting sales of saic, changan group, baic group, Great Wall group, jiangling group and other well-known domestic automobile manufacturers.

       Do not forget the original heart, rongcheng as always good products, customer satisfaction, not only China's rongcheng, will be the world's rongcheng.

       In the next three years, the second stage of rongcheng new plant will expand capacity; Optimize the production system, further enhance the advantages of new technologies and new materials, build the unmanned intelligent steering system, establish the national key laboratory, and complete the forging aluminum project of jiangxi aisuo light alloy technology co., LTD.

       Challenge, innovation, struggle, surpass, future! Stand at a new starting point, embark on a new journey, the pursuit of the "Chinese dream". Jiangxi rongcheng is making full efforts to promote the listing of the main board of enterprises, in order to achieve the goal of building an aircraft carrier for auto parts and forge ahead.